We’re halfway there!

Overkill got its name from Motörhead’s album of the same name. They became the early pioneers of trash metal by merging heavy metal with punk. Besides the tracks from their new record The Grinding Wheel, they will also play their old classics at their Rockmaraton show. The cult Norwegian black metal band Carpathian Forest hasn’t been to Hungary for a decade now. According to the news their long-awaited new album will be out next year so we can hopefully listen to some of their new material at the festival. ORDEN OGAN is one of the most dynamic formations of the German power metal scene. Their new record has just come out this summer so we can count on a great performance in July! The international lineup of Rockmaraton now consists of 12 names and as usual here is the Hungarian package: Blues Company, Hatóságilag Tilos, Leander Kills, Lord, Niburta, Rudán Joe, Stubborn, The Southern Oracle.