Tormentor and Carpathian Forest on Black Friday!

The legendary Hungarian black metal band Tormentor announced that their tour dates for 2018 will include merely a couple of concerts– and their only Hungarian show will be at Rockmaraton festival on July 13! The original band members will perform: Attila Csihar (vocals), Attila Szigeti (guitars), György Farkas (bass guitar), Zsolt Machat (drums) and Tamás Buday (guitars). Carpathian Forest (announced earlier), Sear Bliss, Christian Epidemic and Perihelion are also going on stage the same day – just to make sure that Friday is really black in July. Other Hungarian names have been added to the program, such as Dystopia, CADAVERES, Fostartály, HétköznaPI CSAlódások, Omen, PlasticOcean, Shapat Terror and Sex Action, as well.